Loading up ready for home

Final post as we start to head back home. Its been very breezy at Flamborough but we had a fabulous time collecting our pebbles. Get ready back at home, we’re all tired and in need of a long rest! 

The children have all been incredible and we’ve a wonderful residential! Thanks to everyone who has followed us on our journey. 


One last time by the sea.

Can you spot our art work in the sand, what a fantastic residential collecting pebbles.

At the lighthouse.

We have arrived in Flamborough and the children are amazed by the size of the light house. Eventhough the children were really cold they still have smiles on their faces.

On our way!

On the coach ready to see the lighthouse. During our night walk the children were able to count that there were four flashes of light with a seven second rest. I hope they were right.

Good Morning

Morning everyone, we have been very busy packing and getting organised for our Journey home. The children have stripped their beds and made sure their rooms were tidy. We are safely on out way to Flamborough where we will spend the rest of our day.